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We Edit at Any of These Stages
  • BEFORE the manuscript is submitted to a journal editor.
  • At the REVISION stage for final acc0ptance by the journal editor.
  • After manuscript is ACCEPTED we work with the journal through final production.
Editing, Rewriting + Formatting Manuscript

Boldface Editors will:

  • EDIT manuscript for spelling, grammar, consistency, and format. The article will be checked for completeness, accuracy, and formatting of tables, reference lists, and figure legends.
  • ORGANIZE manuscript in accordance with a designated journal’s guidelines. This ensures that there will be no delay in having it reviewed by the journal’s editor.
  • PREPARE detailed notes from the senior editor, which includes suggestions and queries to assist the author in finalizing their manuscript for submission to a journal.

Complimentary Service: The author’s one page letter to the targeted journal will be edited free of charge. 

Peer Review of Manuscript

Boldface Editors will:
We provide peer review of manuscripts by prominent research scientists in the designated field of research.This preliminary evaluation will ensure that the research conforms to the standards of the targeted journal for publication.
The manuscript will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Is the design of the study valid?
  • Are the methods appropriate?
  • What is the significance of the results?
  • Is the event described in the case report significant?
  • Are the references listed current and complete?
  • Are the illustrations appropriate, fully detailed, and of acceptable quality for reproduction?

We welcome a list of the author’s recommended referees. The referees have the option of signing the review.
The manuscript will be held in strict confidence throughout the peer review process.

Editing + Peer Review of Manuscript

By selecting Rewriting/Editing the Manuscript and Peer Review, you qualify for a discount in fees for these specific services. The fee is based on the number of reviews requested.